We exist for YOU. Not for our name to get famous. Not for more Instagram “likes”. Not because it’s trendy to be a photographer. We are simply here for you. We are here to capture life’s precious moments. The photographs from your wedding will last generations and be a legacy of your love story. We value marriage and the beautiful covenant it holds. Your walls will be covered with photographs of your family as they grow. Let us walk with you through it all. From the very beginning, you have a friend in it all. From finding the perfect venue or picking a trusted florist or crafting the perfect timeline, OBHS will step into it all with you. We are a resource for you and love to journey through these incredible moments with you.


Everything we do here is because we have an overflowing passion for people, love, and pretty golden light. We believe in pouring 100% of ourselves into our work. Nothing is done half-heartedly or simply. Thought and planning go into it all
- all for you.


Here at OBHS, we believe in a purpose-driven life. For us, this falls primarily into two categories: marriage & family.

We believe in a purpose-driven marriage. It’s more than just a causal connection. It’s a deep eternal covenant. There’s more to be living for. We believe that God created marriage with such purpose and great intent. It’s full of intimacy, trust, and vulnerability. God gives us a beautiful picture in His Word of what His heart for marriage looks like; our prayer is that we reflect the same heart. When we have more of Christ in ourselves, the more free we are to love our spouse with a selfless heart. Goodness there’s so much to say and it’ll take a lifetime to learn. Check out our posts on social media using the #purposedrivenmarriage to read more about what this means to us.

What a gift and great honor it is to have a family! God created the family system at the beginning of time with great purpose. In a family, we learn the basics of life and love. It’s the place where we can go home to and feel safe. It’s the people who know us best. It’s where we learn hard lessons and receive encouragement. While no family is perfect, we can learn about grace at such a deeper level through our experiences. As we learn more about God’s design for family and learn from your stories, follow along at #purposedrivenfamily

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Located in the heart of the Midwest, we’ve come to see and value the beauty of the land & its people. The tall pine trees. The shimmering lakes. The swaying prairie grass. We’ve traveled all over the country with our cameras but haven’t found a place that speaks to our souls like it does here. This is where our roots are and find ourselves most at home.


–fluffy dogs
–Lake Michigan
–chicken tacos
–pine trees
–tall prairie grass
–deep, genuine relationships


First, a follower of Jesus.
Second, a wife to a handsome sweet man.
Third, a lover of light & people in love.

Hi there!
I’m Alena Craft, the gal behind OBHS! I’m so glad you stopped by! I live in Homewood, IL - just outside Chicago - with my hunk of a husband. You may even find him shooting a wedding with me! We recently bought a house on a gorgeous piece of land. We love the raw beauty of the Midwest and often venture to a lake or anywhere with a pine tree. I’m looking forward to the day our house is full of sweet pups & babies on a pretty plot of land. During the week, I am the luckiest teacher to a group of amazing second graders. Jesus Christ is the hope for my life; He’s changed me and moved in mighty ways. Ask me about the crazy journey sometime.

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